Debbie Smith-Shank


Debbie Smith-Shank is Emeritus Professor and Chair of both the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy at The Ohio State University and of Art and Design Education at Northern Illinois University. She has taught art to students at all levels, from pre-school through grad school. Trained as a painter, she currently works primarily with acrylic paint on canvas. She received her B.S. and M.S. in art education and Ph.D. in art education and semiotics from Indiana University. She is currently enjoying retirement, making art and music, traveling the world, and taking classes as a lifelong learner. ​​

Bonnie Fox

​Over the years Bonnie has studied interior design, architecture, and horticulture. She also owned and operated an interior plant maintenance company. She also spent several years training store managers for the Hallmark Corporation in merchandising, displays and operations. Later in life, when in culinary school, she learned the skills for the visual presentation of food.  This is where her inspiration to make beautiful presentations of food on canvas began.  The main theme in all her paintings, no matter the subject matter, is a sense of whimsy.

Maribeth McFaul


​Maribeth McFaul is recognized for her vibrant watercolor and mixed media paintings on Yupo paper as well as her larger-than-life street paintings on pavement in pastel chalk. Her dual interests in science and visual art led her to a BA in Cell Biology and Art Education. 

During the pandemic, Maribeth created numerous public pieces with the theme of metamorphosis and butterflies. “After this difficult period of isolation, I hope that we will emerge, like a butterfly, as a more beautiful and improved society.” Maribeth has enjoyed a long career in art education where she encouraged youth artists to stretch their artist wings.

“Creativity is making mistakes; Art is knowing which to keep.”

Leon Ar Hilaire

​Technology Director​​

Sheila Parsons



Janet Beaujon Couch

Janet Beaujon Couch is from New England (Massachusetts and Connecticut.). She has taught visual art for many years, specializing in pastel, drawing, acrylic painting, and fiber arts. She is an award-winning artist and quilter who has exhibited internationally. Jan is a retired Art Therapist, EMDR Therapist, and adjunct lecturer & clinical supervisor at George Washington University in Washington DC, and taught privately in Ireland.