As an artist, plein air painting allows my art to showcase two of my greatest passions:  my enthusiasm for being outdoors and the beauty of watercolor.  Plein air painting helps me focus intensely on my work while promoting a sense of mystery and spontaneity. 
In the studio, as artists, we practice, plan and evaluate our art within an open time constraint. However, in a plein air practice we become vulnerable to time, the whims of nature, and interact within a social environment. This adversity though is necessary to experience the primary source of the subject (nature) and reality, experiencing “the territory”.
Watercolor echos this idea of immediacy and nature.  I find that watercolor is both medium and metaphor, and at times both a blessing and a curse.  I love that aspect of art making- when something is slightly out of my control and a challenge. It allows me to feel that I am playing with mysterious forces beyond my own understanding.

Geoff Allen, Special Guest Artist for March 2024

Final painting above. [CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENLARGED] 

Approximate time to complete: 80 minutes, not including pencil sketch (shown below)