The Laguna Woods
Art Association is looking for a new Membership Chairperson!

​​Get Involved & Make New Friends!

A few clubs use a manual system to track members, but the Art Association does it a simpler way. This opening is a great way to make new friends as a board member. The opening is for Membership Chairperson. It is a simple job but requires some basic computer skills. The club uses an online membership program. It is on

It has 2 options:

  • First one, members can join or renew using the online membership form. So, the chair has nothing to do with it except see the member list grow.
  • The second is the paper forms. If it is a renewal, you just open the program, check to see if there are any changes, update, and then log the payment and you’re done with that member.

If it is a new member you use the online form to enter the member's information into the online form save and the program sends the confirmation to the new member. The program sends emails to anyone whose membership is up for renewal automatically.

 If you are interested in knowing more about this, I will be glad to answer any questions. Anyone who is willing to do this I will offer to train. I will also offer ongoing support, as needed. The program has a great support system too!

Membership involves about an hour or so  per week, and attending the Board meeting once a month on the second Friday of each month (except July and Aug and December) 

Feel free to call me with any questions.

My name is Leon St Hilaire, Membership Chair, Cell is 949-616-6540.